Have a Crab Feast in Ocean City, MD

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The Maryland blue crab, perhaps the tastiest crustacean of them all! While many preparation techniques vary there is undoubtedly no better way than the “Maryland” way…. steamed, usually in a mix of water,beer,and vinegar and heavily doused in crab spices. Our most popular question from our guests would be, where should I go to get crabs while I’m on vacation in Ocean City? Well we have put together a list of our top 5 restaurant/crab house choices( in no particular order) for our favorite sea creature. You can’t go wrong with any of these great places!

1) Crabs To-Go!: Crabs To Go is located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in West Ocean City. We have earned a reputation of selling the tastiest crabs in all of Maryland. Our crabs are superior to others because we use Choptank River crabs and steam them to order. The Choptank River is located in Cambridge, MD and produces the heaviest, fattest and sweetest crabs on the Shore.

Located on the corner of Rt.50 and Rt. 589 Crabs to Go is just a five minute drive into west ocean city, and offers some of the best crabs money can buy not to mention many other popular seafood items such as shrimp, clams, oysters etc.

2) The Crab Bag: The Crab Bag is Ocean City’s finest Eastern Shore style seafood house specializing in preparing and serving the biggest and the best blue crabs available. Of course, our extensive menu promises something for everyone.

The crab bag has a great atmosphere, great food and did we mention, delicious crabs! Located at 130th street and coastal highway the crab bag is a great destination just a short drive from downtown.

3) Belly Busters Belly Busters is Ocean City’s oldest continually operating sub shop (circa 1950). Through the years it might have gone by a different name, but the building has always been in the sub shop game. Since 1985 it’s been known as Belly Busters Seafood and Deli. We specialize in delicious subs, sandwiches, and seafood. Our atmosphere is laid back, ocean city beach style friendly. No Shirt! No Shoes! No problem, Spicoli. Family friendly with great prices.

While they may be most famous for their long running sub shop belly busters has some of the fattest and most delicious crabs that OC has to offer. All in a laid back setting with convenient picnic table seating and helpful staff. Give bellys a shot next time you are thinking crabs!

4) On the Bay Seafood Whether from Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, or the Carolinas, steamed blue crabs and fresh seafood is the sweetest and most savory taste around. Complete with all the fixins, our fresh seafood is sure to satisfy any appetite. Our recipes have been gathered over a lifetime on the water. Bring the whole family and experience our home style cooking for yourself. The locals know to come early!

Located at 42nd street and coastal highway On the Bay seafood will not disappoint. They offer tons of outdoor seating on large picnic tables and some of the best crabs around all within walking distance of the convention center.

5) Victoria’s Seafood Victoria’s has two locations in Ocean City, MD and is run by a local waterman. They have everything from affordable all you can eat crab feasts to fried chicken and corn. Locations are 15th street and coastal highway and 80th street and coastal highway.

6) Hemphill’s Dock Nestled on quaint St Martin’s Neck, just five minutes from the center of Ocean CIty, MD. This local family operated business has been serving the best crabs and seafood to Ocean City travelers and locals alike for more than five decades. Get your crabs straight off the dock!